Month: April 2014

The Captain

First he was just an old man in space. Not exciting at all, right?

lol 185

Just kidding, that’s pretty exciting. I love space stuff and I spent a half hour of my life a while back watching Ana Victoria Calderon’s youtube tutorial on how to paint galaxy background. (She is the BEST at space scenes!) This was my attempt at it, and it’s not that great, I know, but it was my first try, okay?!?!?Anyways, I wanted to transfer this to a less textured watercolor paper and try again (ugh I bought paper with too much tooth again! I need to pay more attention when I pick up supplies.) So I used the amazing magical combination of tracing paper and my lightboard!


I got my lightboard for Christmas and I LOVE it! I makes illustration so much easier! I love that I can replicate a drawing so easily, and try out features before I apply them. Like the hand in the next picture. I didn’t know if wanted it there, so I drew the hand on a separate piece of paper and fitted it where I wanted, then drew it in with ink on the picture. It’s so great! I also love that I no longer have to erase pencil drafts anymore and compromise the paper!


Here’s the finished product!